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Now this isn’t something that necessarily happens to just multiple parents but it is something that is one of the secret, unspoken stresses of having one or more children and it will be now known as illness anxiety.That anxiety you get as a parent when one child goes down with an illness and you spend the next 48 hours waiting to see who’s next. READ MORE

Global Developmental Delay – an inside story on our sons developmental journey.

895E4D2E-D792-4D65-A74F-24F04348170B I had never heard of GDD (Global Developmental Delay) until that moment sitting in with our paediatrician nearly 6 months ago. We had always known Hunter was developing differently, but being a twin we were careful not to make quick decisions. We followed the advice of our paediatrician and touched based every 6 months just to see how he was going.

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Keeping it real: Does having kids change your career?

  I recently read a post that infuriated me. “Does having kids ruin your  career’. There were 2 things about this that made my blood boil. Firstly the use of the word ‘ruin’. I mean come on we are talking about human lives here. Secondly the outrageous comments that were being posted many of which were attacking women who ‘chose’ to work. READ MORE 

Parents, ask yourself…do kids really need social media?

Suicide is one of the largest killers of our youths and is on the rise around the nation, with the incidents of cyber-related youth suicide at an all time high. And while many of us will open a much neededconversation on how to empower and equip our younger generations with the skills to handle cyber-bullies, I can’t help but bring your attention to one glaring issue…is it really necessary for our children to be on social media? READ MORE 

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  1. After working with Nix over the past few years I’m still amazed by her. Nix has incredible passion and positivity that sparks a magnetic vibe whenever and where ever she is. Once the mic is turned on, Nix is a complete professional with a natural ability to bring any event to life.

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