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No worries he says but you have celiac!WHAT!!! I mean firstly DO NOT GET ME WRONG…I am amazingly grateful that I do not have anything life threatening right now, but this is also big….super BIG!This is more than cutting gluten down this is an all in NO gluten to be near you kinda situation! READ FULL ARTICLE 

 Winter is here folks! Baton down the hatches, hold on to your head scarfs and brace yourself because winter has hit much like a white walker ice dragon hitting the northern wall! Read More: WINTER 

Australia…if it’s ok with you, please call me Mum and a Woman.

 I’ve got to say this time I think we have gone too far! Now I am totally aware of the fact that political correctness seems to be the it thing at the moment but there comes a time when everything goes a step too far, and I think when it comes to the gender neutral debate we may have reached it.READ MORE