I have an unexpected kidless night…and I’m at a loss what to do?!

Its every parents dream…a kid free night! A night to just do what ever you want to do! Yet here I find myself surprisingly at a loss for what to do!

I’m sitting in the lounge, kidless… partnerless (yes they are together), and kinda scratching my head wondering what the fishizzel to do with myself?!

You see it’s not that I have never spent nights away from the boys, it’s just that usually those nights are spent doing ‘things’. A rare ‘date night’, a business awards or a work function, but it just occurred to me this is my very first night just sitting in an empty house on my own…and I’ve forgotten what to do!

There’s no one to negotiate dinner time with, no bath time and I’m not staring at the clock waiting for 7pm to come around like a three year old waiting for Santa!

My normal sleeping arrangements

And…I can hear myself think!

What a strange sensation!

I’d forgotten how loud the clock sounds in the kitchen, I’d forgotten how noisey the fridge was, and I seem to have forgotten how to just…be.

I mentioned to the ladies at work how I had a surprising family free night and they kindly dished out a multitude of suggestions from wine and takeaway to a long hot bath and Netflix, all of which sound amazing…but slightly weird and lonely! The ability to do things so uninterrupted seems surprisingly unusual like I’ve almost forgotten how!

Almost…I say!

I have poured a sneaky mid-week wine, I am going to head for a long hot bath and I am looking forward to not watching Peppa pig and Bluey on repeat for the night!

But it’s strangely quiet. While I curse daily at the endless noise in my house, I suddenly realise how surprisingly warm it is! Although I must admit I’m quickly adjusting back to life listening to the fridge!

So while I settle into my night of peace, my own thoughts and a possible sleep with no interruptions, I’m reminded that the reason alone time is needed is not just to rest but to perhaps to really enjoys the craziness when it returns?

Dunno – I’ll tell you on the flip side! In the meantime I’m going to partake in a rare private bath!