Top tip for winter whingers… top tips for surviving the cold season!

Winter is here folks! Baton down the hatches, hold on to your head scarfs and brace yourself because winter has hit much like a white walker ice dragon hitting the northern wall!

If you’re like me then you have rapidly found yourself turning into some kind of withdrawn hermit crab. When people round the office jovially mention a trivia night you immediately shudder at the though of being out on a dark cold night, and when a friend calls to go for an afternoon walk you’d probably rather sit through question time than feel the icey cold hit your skin.

So how do winter haters cope?

First thing first – never dismiss any form of serious dislike to winter. Climate has a huge affect on how we feel and many people (myself included) suffer from SADS or seasonal affective disorder syndrome. This is an actual thing where people suffer from bouts of depression and anxiety as a result of weather. It is most often related to sunlight (excessive or not enough however not such a problem in oz) but can also affect people who struggle to deal with temp changes etc.

So how do you deal with winter if you are a serious disliker?


I’m a massive fan of layers. I find them horribly bulky and I hate looking at winter photos of me because I look like the abominable snowman but I must admit they do the job! I can strip down and bulk up as needs be! The biggest one is the legs I find it hard to get good winter pants so thermals are always good!


Beanies, gloves and warm shoes are must haves! I’m know to rock the uggies even in public! At the end of the day it’s about being warm!!


You probably don’t feel like going out in winter and truth be told you don’t have to. While there will be the things you ‘must’ attend, don’t be afraid to lock yourself away (as long as this makes you happy!) Most of my friends have come to learn I simply don’t like to do things for 3 months. I’m better off showing up in spring happier than grumpy in winter! Long phone calls or catch up at houses in front of the fire is as good as a venue!


If you really hate winter and you get the blues, accept the fact you’ll hit a big power bill BUT you’ll keep yourself toasty! You don’t want to feel miserable at home too it’s important to be comfortable and happy in your sanctuary! It’ll help you cope better


Winter exercise sucks but there are ways around it! I’ve just rejoined the gym and I’m going during lunch that way it’s not cold and dark and I’m more motivated! It’s such an important time of the year to stay healthy because of the sickness season! Also maintain vigilance with hygiene and boost your immunity with veg and salad and get protected with the flu shot.

So there are my top tips. They may not work for everyone but they may help! Remember too if you are a winter whinger you’ll hopefully be brighter and bubbly when it gets warm!

Best of luck cold frogs and stay tuned for my top 5 winter warmers