A guide to an American/ British tea party!

If you, like me are running on Royal wedding excitement and preparing yourself for the big evening ahead (Aussie time) then you’re probably working out what to eat while you watch the best of the best strut their stuff at Harry and Meghan’s shindig!

While the reception is likely to be catered in true opulence the fusion of cultures at this wedding opens up for some exciting food options! Here are my must haves for the ultimate British/American tea party:


Well it wouldn’t be a royal event without them. Funnily enough the Americans do love a good scone only they are called biscuits. It’s the closest thing you get to a scone and instead of with jam and cream they have it with gravy and for breakfast which is ironic given the timing will be early morning in the US when the couple tie the knot! These must haves will be the sweet of my tea party and just to clear it up the Queen has jam THEN cream!


the American/British tea party must feature sushi! Although Japanese the fresh avocado/salmon versions have been heavily adopted in California and are a delicate tribute to Meghan’s Californian roots.


Yes you must have these at a total event. A fave of the Queens and a staple for centuries at Royal events. Traditionally they are served crust less and on white bread but with a splash of Phill’s cheese and some smoked salmon and you have a modern twist.


They are one of the most surprisingly popular event foods of the moment and the pay homage to the American side of your fusion tea party. Deep fired or oven baked these tangy chicken bites are the best addition!


These have been around for yonks! The fluffy pasty, butter and sultanas treat has been a staple in English bakeries since the 1700’s.


It’s hard to travel anywhere in California without running into some incredible Mexican food and as a Californian chick I’m sure Meg’s loves a good taco or burrito! Now in bite size forms, they are the perfect tea party food!


Simple sweet mini pancakes topped with jam and cream are a common feature at a British tea party and the savoury blinis (originally stemming from Russia) topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon have become increasingly common.


A nod to the most American food on the planet sliders have become the easy way to incorporate the ultimate fast food into an upper class event. Taking in flavours from mini cheese burgers to pulled pork they are always a crowd fave!


Known to most as cup cakes these little delicacies date back to the 1700’s and it’s believed they originated in the US! Yet they are a common feature at a good British tea party with a range of delicate icings to go!


You simply can’t have any royal event without a spot of fruit cake! A complete classic and it will keep the British history in your event!


This is a pommy classic and delish is sandwiches. Originally created as part of the menu served as part of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. Cooked chook, Mayo and some curry powder and just pop it in some dinner rolls!

Don’t forget it all just come with a decent sip of bubbles followed by a good cup of tea! Enjoy xx