Here’s why dogs are the best – celebrating international dog day!

Today is international dog day… a day to celebrate mans best friend.

There’s something special about the bond between a human and a pooch and no matter your breed there’s a special 4 legged friend for everyone (if you’re a dog person…if you’re not then we’ll I can’t help you!)

I got my first dog at 16. My sister was violently allergic to dogs so my parents said ‘if you can get rid of your sister you can get a dog’. Literally a week after she moved out to uni I was looking at dogs! Granted it took a few more years but I finally got my dream…my first BFF for life.

JJ came into my life at a tough teenage time and he provided me with everything you need in a pet. Someone to laugh with, cry with, share your darkest secrets with no judgment or care, someone to exercise with and someone who loves you unconditionally…well ok that one’s a little wrong, conditionally one the proviso you feed them haha!

I travelled as a young female but JJ was always mine to go home too. When in Australia we were quite he duo! Hitting the streets and beaches and cruising in my rav 4 – two blondes killing it!

When JJ was 13 (not bad for a lab), he started to get sick! Panic set in and I didn’t know what to do. $5000 of vet bills (yes I know!) and JJ stayed with us another 18 months. During that time I got another puppy, a black lab ‘Bailey’. I knew in my heart I wouldn’t be content without a dog.

Today I am mum to 2 beautiful labs Bailey and Saffy who I simply don’t give as much time and attention to as I’d like to because well I have 3 year old twins! But…I can see the bond forming with my boys and my dogs and I love it. When I do get time with the dogs we all love it – running in the backyard, swimming at the river and more adventures!

I also know there are things my dogs will do for me that others in life’s simply won’t.

They will never judge.

They will always be there.

They will love you the same all the way through their lives.

They won’t become difficult teens, move out and forget to call you.


They will always give cuddles! Even if they a sloppy, hairy ones, they love cuddles!!

So for me, I fee lucky to be a dog owner and I hope my boys learn to love dogs as much as I do xx

happy dog day ❤️❤️