A HoME Experience

There was a summer pool party and I decided it would be a great idea to take on a challenge in the form of a swimming race – in steps Chris from HoME Timber and Hardware to take on my challenge – one I should have possibly re-thought when I discovered the time he spent in the gym Vs me! But never one to be put off I started training and had high hopes of winning the 50 metre sprint – so much so I was willing to put a bet on it – the loser had to work for the other person for 2 hours!

I was confident I had this in the bag – until race day when I realised that no amount of talking would get me out of this one! The result – an embarrassing loss a bruised ego and a job at HoME Timber and Hardware for 2 hours!

Let’s say I am probably not the model employee – but sit back and enjoy my attempt at working in a hardware store 🙂

A big thanks to Chris and the Team from HoME Timber and Hardware Scone for letting me run amok in your store 🙂