I’m Disappointed in you Australia! Sydney storms brings the worst out of Australians.



Aussie pride has always been based on how awesome we are. Australians have the reputation for being caring, laid back and all round nice peeps. But today Australians we need to talk. I am disappointed in you!

For the last 48 hours or more we have been watching and witnessing a phenomenal weather event that has caused a massive amount of damage to our coast line and taken lives. Australia is not immune to natural disasters, we have more than our fair share of fires, floods and the rest but this one has created a conversation I have never seen before, one I am not happy with!

This morning while catching up on the latest on social media I observed comments that were being made in relation to the shared news stories of the residents in Collaroy on the Northern Beaches of Sydney who have had the fronts of their houses swept away as a result of the storm. Normally no matter what, this is where Australians show their character and spirit by sending their love and thoughts to those in need. But I was dumb founded this morning to read the vicious comments being made in relation to these peoples loss.

These comments were outrageous! Some commenting that “they are rich so therefor deserved it”, “natures way of equalising people”, it’s their fault for building on the beach like it’s some sort of karma for being able to afford to build a million dollar home on the water and so on. Even scathing towards the media outlets saying they shouldn’t be covering their loss as they are rich and can afford to repair and that there was a neglect to other areas affected by the floods which was more important as it is a lower socio-economic area of Sydney! Really!! Seriously people, come on!

Firstly, regardless of if you are wealthy from the Northern Beaches or you are poor from another region of Australia the loss of your property is devastating no matter what. This is still someones home. Their shelter. Their comfort. Perhaps it’s their dream come true, everything they ever worked for! Should it matter if it’s a million dollars or 20? It’s still the place they call home and it has been damaged!


picture: Courtesy newscorp 

Secondly, by no means is the media favouring the rich in this instance. It is an interesting story with these people unsure of how they will recover and majority of news outlets are covering various angles on the flooding including Picton and Tasmania!

Mainly Australia, grow up and show some empathy towards your fellow man. It’s not like you to be jealous and scathing! These people are hurting, they sustained a loss as many people around the country have so lets not be mean to the wealthier and assume they don’t have a heart just because we are jealous that they have a property most of us are enviable of!

To the people around the nation today who have lost loved ones or property no matter where you are from, no matter your circumstances I hope you are going to be ok! xx