Are you a victim of secrecising?!

I have been cheated on!

I’ve suspected now, for a few weeks, that something was going on with my partner. I should have seen the signs earlier, they were all there.

The emotional ones. Suddenly my partner has an increased confidence, a new glow, a different spring in his step and he is looking…well fitter. Then there’s the physical evidence. The gym equipment that moved from the garage to the back deck, the push up thingys that are hanging out in the lounge room that I nievely thought the kids were playing with…and then there was the big one, just last weekend, that moment when he bought a jump rope…right in front of me! I should have seen it then…what 17 month old toddler needs a jump rope?!

I have put all the clues together and I can’t believe I didn’t see this earlier, I have become a victim of secrecising!

Now if you’re wondering what secrecising is well it’s simple it’s secret, exercising! You see here was I living my life of deniability that after becoming parents we had mutually decided to put our fitness regimes on hold and embrace our slightly softer edges due to lack of time and gym memberships, only for me to discover that he has been doing 15 minute sessions without me knowing!

I’m not sure what I am more upset about…that he is way more active and driven than I am or that he’s managed to find 15 minutes a day without the kids, work, cleaning, cooking and all other duties where he is actually able and morivated to do more than pass out on the couch!

So my life may never be the same now as I find myself struggling to come to terms with the realist that I have been secrecised!!  – Nix