Hey Valentine’s Day…I owe you and apology!

Ah Valentine’s Day…you’re here again! I can’t quite explain why but somewhere along the line I managed to build some sort of grudge against Val day! Perhaps it stems back to that fateful year 5 class when I got a seemingly underwhelming number of class valentine letters or perhaps it’s the fact the it lies uncomfortably close to my birthday and takes over my pre-birthday build up, deviating the attention off me (needy much?). Either way Valentine’s Day and I have not always seen eye to eye.

Somewhere deep in the trenches of my belly I’ve always held a somewhat negative opinion on the day of love. Primarily because I think it is the ultimate in commercial days. And yes being an overly enthusiastic lover of Christmas the irony of this situation is not lost on me! But seriously strip away the long term saint Valentine’s stuff and insert Hallmark cards and I present to you the most overrated ‘day’ of the year.

I’ve navigated most of my life believing that Valentine’s day is stupid! I mean if someone really loves you they shouldn’t need a bunch of commercial entities to remind you! Love should come from the heart and the mind. Flowers are things that should pop up for no apparent reason. Dinners out should be something shared together regularly and not because you were commercially reminded and showering your loved one with chocolates, well that’s a standard Friday night right!

That is of course until….insert children!

Oh Valentine’s Day how wrong I have been…please forgive my naivety!

For the first time this year I’m really thinking that Valentine’s Day ain’t such a bad idea! Between juggling polarising jobs, kids, bills, our apparent lack of fitness regime and social life, there is very little time to spend with each other. In fact quality time in our house usually consists of a quick catch up in a Friday night with a pizza and a bottle of wine which inevitably ends up with me snoring on he couch and my other half watching a war documentary- romantic!

So I’m starting to realise (yeah I know slow!) that the commercial reminder ain’t such a bad idea! Now don’t get me wrong the over priced flowers and over the top dinner prices may not be fully justified but certainly being reminded to stop and think of your partner and do something for them is nothing but a great thing in this crazy rat race of a life we all live.

I’ve had you wrong Valentine’s Day and perhaps it’s time to embrace cupids little hearts and use this day for what it’s meant to be and that is for reflecting on love. Perhaps it’s time for me to share my birthday build up with the roses and chocolates and let go of my slight distain. And perhaps it’s time to confess that this all really stemmed from a deep down desire to be showered in gifts which uneasily I can’t ask for just days before my birthday (selfish)!

So perhaps we do all need a friendly reminder these days to spend a moment with the person we love, and perhaps the over the top flowers, love hearts and chocs will persuade us to spend a couple of dollars we don’t have spoiling the one we love rather than going towards the water bill?

However you do it…I get it now it’s about making a moment when you don’t have one.

So happy Valentine’s and if you’re wondering I showered my loved one with gifts…well I put on the sprinklers and soaked the lawn while he’s away. Which is near enough diamonds right? Hey! The man loves his lawn…what can I say!

Happy Valentine’s Day xx