Please…don’t judge a Mum in the supermarket!

Oh god yes…To the people in the supermarket rolling their eyes over the crazy out of control kids, they were mine!! To the sighs and the subtle groans, well yes those twins are mine. But please…never judge a mother in the supermarket

Yes it’s true, it was MY two year old twin boys who both nearly took out 2 ladies as they pelted towards the entrance, keen as mustard to pick the trolley, and I did apologise and try and slow them down!

It was my kid that tried to steer the trolley by himself. Refusing any help from mum. But you see Harry is now a ‘big man’ which is two year old for I’ll have a total meltdown if you don’t let me steer this bloody trolley mum! It was me however that saved the trolley from crashing into the bread stand…the same can not be said for the milk 😫

Yea, it was my other twin who had a complete meltdown over not being allowed to get a lollypop which resulted in me having to carry one 15kg toddler on one hip while trying to rationalise with the other, who was trying to drive a trolley like Lewis Hamilton!

It was my son who tried to put the milk in the trolley despite me insisting it wasn’t a good idea only for him moments later to drop 2 litres of milk on the floor! (Thank you to the staff who kindly cleaned it up!)

I was THAT mum who gave my kids a chocolate milk half way around the shops and I was the mum who agreed they could both get a new toy car, only for them to start fighting over which one was theirs moments later!

Yes. I was that painful mum in the supermarket and they were my ‘out of control’ twins!

But don’t judge a mum in the supermarket.

What you don’t know is;

I had no choice. They are children not dogs, (apparently it’s illegal to leave them outside in the backyard even with water and a bone) and besides why would I want to?? They are my children! They need to learn and grow and discover right from wrong and they need to learn to be in a supermarket! Plus we make it a fun, learning adventure. I love to see them so proud when they help out, or so chuffed that they could say biscuit!

Plus, I am a part time solo parent who has virtually no support, so mostly there’s no one else…just me. So when I need something, guess what?! my 2 side kicks gotta come!

What you didn’t see;

Is the last 48 hour of our lives in which we’ve survived the worst bout of gastro we could have imagined. That’s why my trolley is filled with cleaning products. That’s why I needed it now and couldn’t get it online. That’s why my kids were crazy because they finally had energy and excitement after a tough 48 hours.

What you didn’t feel and hear;

Was my anxiety in having them there. The utter exhaustion I felt by being a twin mum just simply navigating the aisle. The overwhelming emotion I was carrying from nights of hell. The embarrassment I felt when they screamed, broke things and lay in the middle of the aisle. The endless ‘stop’, ‘don’t’, ‘no harry’, ‘no hunter’, ‘come on’, ‘no please don’t’ and so on.

I simply needed cleaning products, milk and bread but trust me it was tougher on me than you.

I was once that impatient person in the supermarket. Rushing to get my stuff, in a hurry to get along, with no patience for the mothers dragging their exhausted selves and hyper children around the shops! I had no idea they were just coping and putting out spot fires just to get food on the table!

But wow how perspective has changed me so please before you sigh, give a glare or roll your eyes…

Don’t judge a mum in the supermarket!