Drop the take away…nothing beats homemade pizza

And before you say but it’s sooooo hard, NO! Shrug off that attitude and grab your mixing bowl because whipping up homemade pizzas are the best!

Ok there is one little annoying bit (the kneading) but think of it as a bit of a work out and then you can have more pizza! Winner 🎉

Now first step get a good flour! These days you can get pizza flour head straight for that for 2 reasons – 1. It’s got more protein and that will provides the elasticity for the dough 2. It has instructions haha!

Then it’s easy – flour, yeast, warm water, pinch of salt and oil (amounts below). I love to take things to another level with infused oil. This time I used garlic infused Pukara Estate oil but you can use chilli or even truffle!!!

Mix, and knead…knead, knead and knead! About 10 mins! I love it as its a mini work out and it’ll get your frustrations out! The. Off to a warm atop covered for as long as possible. I leave my dough for at least 45-50 mins but if you have a party do an over night prove it will be soooo fluffy!!

Toppings – go nuts I love to chuck it together. There are some awesome precooked meats now which enhance your toppings if you like fusion like me. Try:

Peri peri – Coles peri chicken, red onion, capsicum, mushrooms and roasted pumpkin add a dash of feta and beauty!

Tandoori – got the premise Indian section and grab a butter chicken, also pick up Coles tandoori chicken ready done and you have sauce, chook a bit of onion and cheese – top with ztaziki to serve!!

Of course for the kids you can’t go past simple ham and cheese pizettas, is the good old supreme!

It’s the bomb don’t call it in – make it!!! Sooo much better!

Xx nix

1 1/2 cups flour

1tsp yeast

2/3 cup warm water

1tsp salt

1tsp oil

Mix and knead 😊😊