…the journey so far…

Well….it’s been a few months now since I relocated to the country.

Wow what a lot has happened and changed…it’s hard to believe how quickly time has gone. I feel blessed that I have been given the opportunity not just to develop on my broadcasting career but to also discover the true essence of Australia. I have come to have a very soft spot for this area of the Country, one which has such a diverse range of people, professions but is hooked together with a strong sense of community.

I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most wonderful people; caring, real and grounded – features that can be so rare in individuals, many of who have crossed my path in the past!

As I take a look back over the last 5 months and I realise how much I too have changed as not just a media professional but also as an individual and am intrigued where this journey will lead to.

I have had the opportunity to work and cover some really ground breaking stories some that have stretched and challenged this community including the journey of Alex McKinnon, his injury and his recovery and the impact this has on such a tight football community: A mining collapse that took numerous lives and shattered the industry that is the back bone of this community. I have been able to cover some exciting local events including the Scone Cup, Denman food and wine and MC’d the Blue Heeler Film Festival.

Executed exciting tactics that have the community talking including our Eggheads, Posh and Becks and Mate or Date for the Hunter: and extended my career to cover Coal Face radio and the Footy Forum.

It’s been a journey so far and one that continues to challenge me every step of the way….

Here’s a look back at the moment myself and co-worker Stolzy arrived to take over our various breaky roles….

Let’s see where we go from here – Nix xxx