Aprils Podcasts!

Nix catches up with Jason from Annie and Jason for this seasons MKR and Mick from last season as the winners are announced for MKR 2014

What seasonal food are you eating / royal visit / premiere jogs it in / how do you eat prawns

bacon is the best food / street talk – bacon / electricity fail

Neal Breen talks on Alex McKinnon

Robot Nix takes over / can you tell your partner not to dance / street talk – white or milk choc / Crossy nails a toastie


Nix covers the breaking news of the death of 2 miners in a local Hunter mine icl Interviews with news reporter and local MP Joel Fitzgibbon

Are tradies hotter than metro’s / Crossy’s late card /  Nix debates Billy are showbags the best part of the show

Ray “Rabs” Warren talks Alex Mckinnon

Nix chats to Ryan Campbel the youngest pilot to circumnavigate the globe