June Podcasts

Plenty of fun in the Hunter over June ….make sure you don’t miss the June Interviews too!


Stolzy from Power FM and myself headed out to the Linga Longa pub in Gundy for a night of what I thought was going to be trivia but turned out to be “Millionaire Hotseat” hosted by the one and only Eddie McGuire (via the TV)….now I am not a winner and as luck would have it…it all came down to me….can I win the team $20,000 (or a 50$ beer and food voucher)???


I caught up with eliminated Masterchef contestant Sean….an outside broadcast from the aquatic centre saw me taking on a whale tail challenge in a classic wipe out moment fully clothed and I decided to test the Power FM staffs skill in a spelling bee


I’m talking about the most creative wedding dresses…I want to know what’s in your third drawer down in your kitchen + Apple has released the new stuff your phone can do…will it be helpful to you?


Newcastle skater chick – Sabre Norris joins me as she just nailed the 360…should kids really be able to get out of doing there homework and the funniest mispronounced words


I am hitting schools around the Hunter to bring a healthy breakfast, games, prizes and we broadcast live for breaky! The kids just have sooooo much fun!!!


The Whale tail fun continues