Look who’s been talking in June!

Here are just a few of the awesome guests who joined Nix for breaky in June! 

Carole from House Rules pops by…but we seem to have lost Russ #AWKWARD


Darren Percival calls in before he hits Newcastle….and nearly dies on me #MOREAWKWARD


Masterchef eliminated contestant Sarah Todd gives me an insight into behind the camera


Anne Harris called in to chat Animal celebs and gave me some tips on how I can turn my pooch into a movie star!


Crop Circles have popped up in Scone and I’m fascinated!! Are they really a result of aliens (hoping Paul pops by!)


Alopecia awareness week and Matt has called in to tell us how we can help


Country guys Mcalister Kemp try to work their way on to FM radio….do they even know who Pitbull is?


Sports legend TIm Webster gives me the low down on State of Origin


Local skater chick Sabre Norris nails the 360