#nixonhols – Let me introduce you to Port Douglas, Cairns #paradise

I’ve just returned from a very awesome holiday in Far north Queensland….firstly I’d like to thank QLD for having me…cheers it was a blast to be there….you lovely little thing you….

2nd I didn’t leave you our my lovely friends – Let’s share the fun, stupidity and down right adventures….I haven’t been up this way since I was 12 (let’s not think how many years that is!) so was super excited as i have nostalgic memories of this area!

Let’s kick it off with a few deets on my now fave new holiday place….. Port Douglas! Port Douglas, what to say….a delightful beach side town near the most Northern point of Australia, Cape Tribulation, where the Daintree rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef. Port Douglas is about 50 mins drive by shuttle from Cairns airport

As you pull into Port, the first thing you will notice is a lot of resorts but the area caters for all walks of life from backpackers to the 5 star….we opted for the luxury…in true Nix style on a bit of a budget!

Let me take you for a tour of the hotel, an introduce you to a new friend I met…let’s just say I’m pretty sure we are mates for life!

Given this was my first visit to this area in a while and I have never really got into the Australian tourist thing…I have always found I’m less of a tourist in my own backyard…..silly really given the diversity of my yard..not to mention the size…so I though it was time to try a true Aussie snack!