#nixonhols – The Great Barrier Reef – Nix Style

My recent adventure up to FNQ saw me re-visting the Great Barrier Reef for the first time in around 20 years….now the first thing should say is group tours are probably one of my least fave things to do……the combination of a structured tour and strangers doesn’t usually leave me overly excited however…there are very few options when it comes to seeing the reef.

in light of this we opted away from the long day tours that would see us sitting in the sun for a time that would leave us resembling lobsters and over indulging in a mediocre buffet…instead we jumped on a half day sailing tour (on the recommendation of our new mate…I don’t remember his name but lets say Jacob…the concierge at the hotel) that took us to the low Isle of the Reef.

Here was I thinking this may resemble my last attempt at the reef which left me looking at very uninspiring coral off Green Island (I know eye roll!)…however I was very surprised!

Not only did we have possibly the best weather for a champagne sail (well not sail a motor) – I am a sailing WAG and I can say I have never seen glassier water….but the snorkling (which I managed to remember how to do while only nearly drowning twice) was beautiful, with a huge variety….and I have ticked a life long dream box…swimming with TURTLES!!

Check it out – My Barrier Reef….including a surprise story you will never guess what…….

On return…I felt it was only necessary to channel my inner Baywatch!

xx Good talk