Save the I Spy….car party!

I’m sorry…what the!! A news flash has just buzzed across my screen as I munch my way through my ultra light vegie lasagna…. “Reported death…….I Spy in the car on the family road trip!”…..stop the press….this is a headline I can’t ignore.

I reluctantly turn down my piece of eggplant to run my eyes over this press release….recent reports show that the well know car game I spy is no longer played in cars on road trips and has been replaced by entertainment devices such as ipads and in-car movies…..well I’m sorry that’s simply Un-Australian!

Come on peeps, how many times have you jumped in the car, ready for the road trip complete with car snacks, just got out of  range of your fave radio station, you are stating to flag, wondering where is the next pee break is and when is it appropriate to bring out the cliche “are we there yet” and you are saved by that little nagging thought…it’s time for a game of I Spy.

And you’re off for hours of amazing entertainment guessing all things creative from the centre consol, the cup holder to the power lines that keep racing past (always a cheeky one that one)…or if you happen to be in a car with me then you are subject to an overly creative version of I spy which involves me coming up with the most ridiculous possible thing i can think of with a letter and hoping that someone can read my mind and guess that yes P is for pink polka dot elephant and L is for Lazy Larry my imaginary friend! The truth of the matter is that I spy has been entertaining the youth of Australia for generations and it would be a travisty to see it succumb to a slow demise…..extinct because parents are entertaining their kids with quiet visual entertainment rather than listening to the potential screaming match created by whose turn it is next!

So hence forth I feel there is no option than to ask you to back probably the most worthy cause in Australia and join the newest non political party that could potentially take on on the daylight saving party – #saveispyparty

Come on peeps don’t let your kids grow up not wondering weather W really stands for wheel or windscreen wiper! 🙂

xx Nix