Marriage Equality – Australia’s most pointless debate


So here we are again Tony…not moving forward on the biggest issue consuming Australians at the moment – the Marriage Equality debate, I mean seriously can we not move forward sign this off and just get on with it…and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

I have grown up with a mix of everything, straight friends, gay friends, mixed couples, unhappy straight couples and poochies that simply would marry anything that gives them food!

As a recent victim of the current divorce statistics I find it a little hypocritical that some people feel the need to preserve the so called right of marriage as a religious thing when we have marriages (including mine) falling to pieces left right and centre. I admit, as a fence sitting religion skeptic I did not decide to tie the knot because it was the right thing to do, I chose to marry because I loved my partner and I honestly thought from the bottom of my heart we would be together forever. But…I am sad to say that situations and relationships can change and while you can still love someone it may be a different love and a love that is built on a past not a future. Many I’m sure would be quick to throw the book at me but truth is, always remain out of a situation and non judgemental unless you really know each individual person involved.

My eyes were opened when I embarked on my life’s journey’s, 6 years living and working across Europe in the illustrious industry of professional sports surrounded by opulent wealth and glamorous lifestyles has made me more synical having witnessed the lowest levels of morality. Be it some of my closest most trusted friends and allies or some of the people I held the up-most respect for due to their status and professionalism I have truly seen the worst of human kind when it comes to relationships and I have stood their and heard every justification for immoral actions under the sun, some forgiven, many not and I have learnt that the monogamy of the human race is purely an illusion, one that ethics and religious beliefs have us believe we conform to but ultimately humans are pack by instinct and stray if the circumstances psychologically allow.

Thus being the case, we “religiously based” individuals who are in a mixed sex relationship take on an oath which many people do not believe truly has the same  morals it did so it’s some what of a process many people go through because society requires it or in many cases its a way of expressing to someone that you love them…in that moment. So why on earth is this limited to individuals who are in mixed relationships, why can this not be extended to those who love one of the same sex, absurd if you ask me!

If a man can marry a woman and woman and divorce her over a photo, or a woman can marry her pet or a lady can marry a vision that is God, why on earth can a man not marry a man or a woman a lady!

Seriously Australia, it’s time to come out of the cave…there’s nothing to learn from being in there! Just do it already!!