Really…..Am I ok?

“It’s ok not to be ok” and I can vouch for that there have been many days of my life when I can openly say I have not been ok.

I’ve been through more than my fair share of personal battles and some of those live on with you every day. There are days I can say I’m ok and others I’m not that good. I’ve seen and felt what it’s like to be in the darkness where you feel there is no way out. I’ve felt pain that is an insufferable emotional pain where you think there are no options.

My story is one of many, I’ve made mistakes some I’ve lived to regret some I feel the pain of today and some of which I’ve learnt from and moved on. Worst thing is I’ve felt others judge, those who don’t understand, who don’t know the pain they cause from judging others, making assumptions and criticising me. I can bodily say that whole people may not know my life I’ve never deliberately hurt anyone but I have been hurt. If you don’t know don’t judge and for me personally if you are to speak behind my back and judge please remove yourself from my life.

A bright bubbly face can be a great cover for a bleeding lost heart. Asking if someone is ok is important, listening to the answer is more important, supporting them through the journey without judging is the difference.

I’m lucky I can say I’m ok and if I don’t feel ok I know I have the strength to say something and tomorrow will be a brighter day!