“Leadership Spill – Clean Up Required in Aisle 3”

Well hello leadership shiringpill you sexy beast…long time no cupcake!

So good to see that once again Australia is the laughing stock of the *universe where we are unable to decide who should be our political leader! Although I have to say for the first time I may actually be in agreeance on this one.

Look I won’t sugar coat it – I’m a Liberal supporter through and through but even I a born and bread Manly-ite, citizen of the Warringah shire the home of the Ton-cat, who so many times has been regretfully in an opportune position to witness our um not so fine leader and commander in his budgies running along the gorgeous Northern Beaches of Sydney, has to say….it’s time to go Tones!

It’s not that I don’t like you…in fact every time I have had the short pleasure of meeting you you have been nothing but polite and charming…in an almost creepy way..but no honestly you’re a decent enough bloke,the problems all seem to come undone when you are behind a microphone in front of a camera answering a question that the nation is pinning it’s confidence on and it all comes out badly! Look don’t take it personally we’ve all been there, of course not me, but I do remember a few similar moments in the school debating arena!

Australia needs to some how regain it’s confidence in our political leaders, a leadership spill popping up every so often is certainly wearing and it looks terrible. I was still living in Europe when the Rudd/GIllard/Rudd drama unfolded and im pretty sure most of Europe was pulling up a beer and watching the next instalment of Australian politics as a lead on from Jimmy Fallons late night show.

Australia needs a new leader…no doubt about it…is Malcy the right boy…well it seems most of the public seems so but is that enough.

Look will the Liberal party make the right or wrong decision as the head inside a deep dark room that may actually be a scene from jumunji where they battle gallactic it out with light sabers until a leader is decided? Who knows…one thing I do know is that we will lose a great dude if Malcy goes and Tones will see the Libs out of the next election and clearly the rest of the world will sit back and once again laugh at Australia and maybe aliken us to Greece 😦 (Lucky I like Fetta)

So may the best pollie win and may the halway walk and the groovey tie continue to entertain me during leadership spills but seriously Australia lets get it together and just stay with one leader – #voteonekanye

*cannot confirm that there are not more embarrassing leadership spills on an outer planet

** My opinion only take what you want and throw the rest to the wolves