The Force Awakens and I’m Asleep – NEW Star Wars Tralier

Ok so please excuse my ignorance on this one but I have a confession to make! I have NEVER watched a single Star Wars movie! Yup! There you go…I now have fessed up my deepest darkest secret! For those of you rolling your eyes, I know shame on me but to be honest my life has appeared to progressed relatively well despite this lack of culture, perhaps the “Force is not with me” but how am I to know any different! For those of you scratching your heads after our numerous conversations where you went to recall various scenes in great elation and I appeared to know agree with such vigour, yes Im sorry…I lied.

My entire knowledge of Star Wars stuff is contained to one ride at Disneyland “Star Tours”, which as it happens in a fave of mine. On this very short and exciting trip through outta space I have managed to acquaint myself with the likes of R2D2, C3PO and Luke Skywalker via a slightly dramatic tour to the moon of Endor.


But to be honest, that’s it…that’s where my knowledge of the outer space ends, well actually my technical knowledge is quite good however I appear to have become an over night social outcast based on my lack of viewing of Star Wars. I’ll be honest….it’s just not me…well at least it doesn’t appear to be me…Ive seen a trailer or 2 over my decades, Im fully aware of the fact that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father….how on earth this wasn’t discovered earlier through a simple paternity test has me dumbfounded however here I sit with now an awkward relationship with society based on my lack of viewing.

For all the Star Wars fans..Im excited for you that trailer 6 million 7 hundred and 40 is out! Unfortunately for me it’s not enough to sway me into wanting to launch myself into being a Wookie enthusiast, however perhaps when we colonise Mars I will take a look at joining the battle for outta Space pending I can travel with Virgin Galactic! In the meantime, I will now take my social outcast label and use my magical Harry Potter spell to turn it into a magic mushroom 🙂

Enjoy the NEW Star Wars trailer spacian!