How do we really feel, faced with terrorism?

Sadly, here we go again!

In 2001, as just a teenager, out on tour with my Mum and Dad in the UK, we heard the shocking news that 4 planes had been highjacked in America and 2 flown into the World Trade Centre in New York City. No matter how old I get, no mater what I see on the news these days, I still come back to how I felt that day. I should have been there the next day. Instead of heading to the airport, we headed to a friends place in the South of England where I have such clear pictures to this day of us all, sitting around the TV, unable to process what we were seeing unfolding in front of us…the world, Our world was under attack and in a way we had never seen before, and in a way that would change the face of conflict for good.

Yet here I sit, with tears in my eyes watching the next chapter unfold once again!

When will this stop? How on earth can these individuals actually believe that this kind of violence is acceptable on any level. Believe you me I by no means live my life in a shadow of naivety pretending that I don’t understand the principles underlying these individuals. I am far too aware of the insufferable brain washing and ideological head space that these individuals get themselves in to where some how their quest to make a difference has become a state of psychosis. What they are actually trying to achieve, at an intellectual level leaves one dumb founded.

What has been achieved? Fear? well yes I feel that there’s  been an increase in fear but with fear you match fight and you have an enhanced fight or flight situation. If the over all objective is to get the west to lay down there strength and confidence in life then this is not the correct way as with any aggression it will be met with defence and here you have the racial/religious divide and it’s no longer about fear it’s now about hatred.

There have been too many of these, I  reflect on a few that stick out in my mind – London Bombings, I was in Valencia Spain, living so close to my mother land feeling helpless and unable to help. Mumbai, I was in a hotel in Mallorca in Spain and watched rolling coverage on CNN not to mention the chilling moment we discovered it was happening here in Australia with the Sydney siege. Too often are we seeing this, planes being taken down, individuals being beheaded and shot and all in the name of what? What’s really been achieved since this covert plight commenced? Nothing.

We don’t live in fear, we now live in hatred and anyone who attempts to face it with political correctness are the naive ones. While maturity and first world politics tell us we are not to feel this way it’s an impossible ask to assume any level headed individual who has a passion and love for their world, culture and allies and has a basic empathetic personality can sit by and allow individuals who are by no means aware of any conflict that they are participating in be innocently killed. War is not fair, no one denies that, but terrorism is not war, it is murder in a cold blooded form that doesn’t accidentally and incidentally affect civilians but deliberately targets them. This has to end, but it won’t so the only thing I know is that to ask people not to feel pain and hurt which inevitably lead to anger and hatred is an impossibility.

To ask people not to hate, not to feel anger and to not discriminate is an impossibility while these events continue to occur. Fight or flight will prevail, if you call it racism then so be I call it protecting the rights of individuals. I care not for your religion or your cause. If you live next to me I care not of your business but that you carry on with your ways and I with mine. If however you threaten, begrudge or dislike my cultures ways I will defend and so will others. You can not beat us down with fear, we are stronger and smarter. We will rise above with heads held high. You will not scare me out of doing what I love, you will make me embrace and love my values even more. You will not make me think twice or change my opinions, you will help me be more true to who I am and if you cross my path and hurt me or my family I too will go down with my head held high knowing you are the weak one for only being able to react with unforseen violence and  cowardice. If you however decided to act like a rational human being, my door is open and a cup of tea ready to hear what you have to say.

Terrorism is not the answer, we will continue to fight and to those who have lost their lives, you are the heroes!