Top tips for chillin in the heat!

It’s hot hot hot across the state at the moment with temps set to reach RECORD highs today! As a super sun lover I normally love the heat but I have to say this year I’m struggling a little more than normal  so I’ve put together a few tips to stay cool this summer!

1. Head to the pool – ok that may not be possible so if you’re home fill the bath up with cold water, tip the ice from the freezer in and you have your own play pool! If you are heading to work – take the blow up pool and pop it in the kitchen everyone can get in…or try a bucket of water under the desk – winner!!

2. Head underground – I hear it’s cool underground, so consider asking a mole if you can bunk down for the next 24 hours, failing that, well air conditioned Shopping Centers are a fabulous place to hang on a lunch break!

3. Attend work in your swimmers – I see no problem with this but some bosses may think it’s a bit odd if you wear your swimmers, apparently it’s not appropriate attire so maybe just peel for the undies

4. Get an Icy pole – It’s by far my favourite way to cool off in the heat to be honest enjoying any cold treat can do the job so perhaps if your freezer is short on Zuper Dupers just reach out for the pack of peas or have a lick on the frozen lasagne!

5. Ask for your colleague’s assistance – nothing says building workplace relations like asking your colleague to be your personal fanner. All they need to do is fan you all day long and get your fresh water and you will be sweet!

It is going to be a hot one though, so be careful!!

Don’t forget your pets as you head out today – plenty of cold fresh water and shade and here’s a good tip for a cool doggy treat:

– Beef stock mixed with water in an ice cube tray and bang! Delicious cooling treats for your pooch!