Out with the Red Frogs?!


Now I have to admit I am a HUGE fan of the old pick ‘n’ mix..the nostalgia of going to the cinema as a youngin and the joy and excitement that came with not only getting to have lollies but getting to pick my own!! I mean the freedom of having more red frogs, milk bottles and strawberries and cream with out a spearmint leaf in sight was something that brought joy and happiness to my soul! But I’m not sure that as a grown up adult who is able to make the decision to simply not eat the lollies I don’t like from the packet that I am ready for the next phase of pick ‘n’ mix!

A supermarket in New Zealand has launched the idea of a pick ‘n’mix for vegetables…yup vegies! I mean what the?! I really do have to ask what on earth is going on that we have got soooo lazy in life that I required someone to chop my vegetables for me?

I get that the so called “idea” behind this concept is to make vegies more enticing but really are you sure it’s not the extra 10% you can whack on the price just because old mate out the back chopped them for me? We already have bags of pre-chopped veg, so we need them presented in fancy plastic pots that make them look more like sweets than vegies!

I’m going to say this is probably a step too far, don’t get me wrong I love a fancy packet, a cool wrapping and a great presentation but pick ‘n’ mix vegies seriously, just get it in your head you have to eat the good stuff and move on!

PS I’m really hoping old mate out the back washed his hands!!