It’s the most wonderful lie of the year!


Ok I admit it! I confess! I lied to a 5 year old this week.

I’m currently overwhelmed by the upcoming responsibility of what’s involved in parenthood. I sit here as one of those “want to be parents” – want to be able to teach them the right principles of life, the right ethics and the difference between right and wrong. But, that all goes out of the window when it comes to the BIGGEST lie we tell our kids, and the truth is….yes I will lie to my children, shame on me…..or is it?

There I found myself at a Christmas lunch with a questioning 5 year old, “was that really Santa?……It looked a lot like Uncle Den!”

“Well Santa is a very busy man and he has a lot of helpers” the 5 year olds Dad desperately tries to work around the awkward question.

“oh…..I guess”, the little one surrenders herself, “I’d really like to meet the real Santa in the North Pole”

“I have” I pipe up out of nowhere…Damn it! Why didn’t I keep my mouth shut! I look at the innocent eyes of this 5 year old, stoked to know that I have actually met the man in red and while I feel like face planting myself into my pavlova. Instead, I find myself engaging in an elaborate story of how I work with a lady called Mary Christmas who is a North Pole journalist, based on a character I created for radio…..yes…… I lied, to a 5 year old!

It’s been a topical issue this year, should we lie to kids about Santa?

I grew up believing in Santa, and ok I maybe a crazy radio host but I’m a relatively stable person. Like most of us who grew up believing that if I was in bed and slept all night a complete stranger would creep into my room and deliver presents and I couldn’t have imagined a happier childhood!

Of course we are not hurting, damaging or manipulating our children by telling them the worlds LARGEST lie! No in fact we are doing the very opposite, we are allowing them to use their imagination, be involved in developing a life long story and be creative and learn lessons like discipline and attention!

The good old story of Saint Nick and his present delivery process has grown and shaped generations and I for one know I felt no resentment, anger or betrayal from my parents for “lying” to me……no instead I dragged it out an extra couple of years for the fun of it! I still believe in Santa. I believe that in a world full of hurt, pain and fear, Santa is a magical story that takes us from our reality and pulls us to a world where we are all allowed to be kids for a day. If you are receiving from or you’re being Santa and watching the joy and excitement on a little ones face there is simply nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of fun and a good old fashioned story!

From one Nick to another – I say long live the man in red and white don’t ever stop believing!

Merry Christmas 🙂 santa2