The Pic that stopped…a handfull of peeps!


Stop the press!! Kim Kardashian has melted the internet once again! Well I’ll be honest with you, I have never seen the internet melt but I some how have this image of a lava chocolate cake running away down the side of a hill much like the chocolate river in Willy Wonka!

But incase you missed it…..we have a photo!!! Now if you are like me and you’re not a fan of the self made “reality” stars and find their so called “fame” something of an in comprehensive obsession that seems to some how take people from the realities of their current life into some fantasy world, where we think wow wouldn’t it be cool to have a butt like that, then you may not be up to speed on which particular social media pic we have been highly anticipating!saint--z

In this case, it’s been reportedly 1 whole month since we had word of the arrival of Kimye’s latest addition – the baby boy known as – When the Saints go marching in, and apparently we have had NO pictures yet!!

How on earth this impending global crisis missed my attention I’m just not sure! But, somewhere between Christmas, global politics, world crisis’ and the commencement of a new year, I appear to have missed the biggest story and that is there have been NO pics for a whole month of baby Saintly West! No wonder there’s a chance that Donald Trump could become President the world is in a state of chaos!

Thankfully, today, the KK clan have come to our rescue and the world has some what returned to it’s normal orbit following the instagram snap of little “directional” West (North) holding on to her brothers hand….and the world sighs!!!!

Now the fact that this pic actually gives us no further clues as to what Sainto looks like, how big he is or infact if he is actually a child and not part alien seems irrelevant, people are relieved to know that Saint West has at least one hand and that seems to be enough! I am glad that we are now able to move forward with this first week of 2016 knowing that Saints hand is ok and Kim K has not been locked out of her instagram account!

No doubt, now, we can all wait with baited breath on the lucrative TV/Mag deal that will reveal weather Saintly has a head or not and if, in fact he is part Kardashian West or a distant relative of Paul the Alien. While many jump into over drive psychoanalysing the pic and trying to discover  who Saint will marry in 2035 …..I will carry on with my morning tea knowing the world is at peace today! #thankskim