The Ultimate 90’s comeback!

Ok a moment of honesty….I am about to lose my sh#t!

My inner 90’s queen is about to come back with a bang! Yeah baby!! Bring it on!!

As a through and through 90’s babe nothing get’s me more excited and nostalgic than a trip down 90’s lane….bring back my platform sneakers, my butterfly hair clips, my Michael Jordan basketball card, don’t forget my tamogotchi and my tazo collection and it’s happy days as I drift away into a daze of memories picturing my year 7 folder complete with pic of Jonathan Taylor Thomas on it….ahhhh *sigh

So what’s spurred this nostalgic flash back…..I am over whelmed with excitement to know that in 2016 I will be sitting back and soaking up not 1 but 2 of my all time fave 90’s TV shows as they return…..just proving how awesomely amazing this decade was!

I’ve got to say it’s a close battle as to which excites me more….but by an aliens hair I’d have to say I am beyond excited to know that Mulder and Scully are back to search for the unnatural answers in the X-Files.

Cue flash back – X-Files was one of my favourite TV shows, I was a Mulder and Scully fan from the get go. When I was still in primary school my Mum used to go out to a dance thing on Wednesday nights (x-files night) and I’d always convince my sister or sitter to let me watch….convincing my Mum it wasn’t that scary…even though I didn’t seem to sleep well in the aftermath!

The quirky duo chasing UFO’s and the unknown accompanied me to highschool to the age I was old enough to stay on my own and completely freak myself out! I”m not sure I ever believed in aliens…but I did believe that Mulder and Scully were 2 of the greatest humans on earth!

FACT: I once had the X-Files theme as my ring tone #nerd

A close second….and as a kid I used to have one show in particular I’d watch as I got home from school! Full House! I mean who didn’t want to be a Tanner! I wanted soooooo badly to live on that street in San Fransisco with the coolest Uncles on the planet thinking how awesome it’d be to be DJ or Steph!

I think we all compared our lives a little to the Full House gang and I remember the first time I went to San Fran I was adamant I would find the family…umm…..??

So here I find myself….an irrationally excited 90’s kids once again itching to catch up with my long lost friends from the golden decade as the X-Files and Fuller house grace our screens in 2016. I’ll tell you right now I’ll be sitting front and center when they start maybe recording it on my VHS while chowing down on my strawberry hubba bubba bubble tape!

Now let’s celebrate with the amazing SClub 7 moment…

xx Nix