Dear Terrorist…You Won’t Win!

Dear Terrorist….

Once again, the world is living with a heavy heart today after another terrorist attack. This time on Brussels, a small country which has become an epicenter in Europe for terrorist networks.

Sadly we live daily now knowing it’s not if, but where and when.

I no longer live thinking what if it’s me. I no longer live in fear. Perhaps part of me has reconciled myself to the fact that this is now just a factor in life, a calculated risk. Now when I go to get on a flight, I no longer just think about a mechanical fault or a pilot error I also think of a terrorist attack, it’s simply factored into my subconscious risk analysis.

I admit I’m nervous on trains, planes and public areas. I admit that it crosses my mind when I go to the shops and sit in a movie theatre. But I am slightly anxious not fearful. I believe that the only way to conquer fear is to face it head on, and that’s exactly what we are doing.


I want to thank the terrorists for one thing and that is for solidarity. Thank you for proving time and time again that humanity is stronger than any religion, cause or race.

Terrorism is supposed to be about sending a message, they are making a sacrifice for a cause. Something they are passionate about. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what they are trying to prove, I have no idea who they are. The only terrorist name I know is Osama Bin Laden, and he’s dead. I don’t know the difference between Al-Qaeda and IS, and why? because I don’t give them my thoughts, or my time. They are simply not worthy of that. I don’t allow myself to indulge in questioning their means and motives. Instead I focus on the outcome, a field of nations and a group of strangers brought together by someone’s cowardly actions. I’m not sure if they realise how they are bringing the world together.

I remember every terrorist attack and I follow every story of terrorism. So what do I take away? I remember the images of solidarity. The messages of strength. The Twitter hashtag’s that show Countries and Communities coming together at a time of need. I remember the abundance of people, stretching out to complete strangers, to offer them medical assistance, accommodation and a shoulder to cry on. I remember the images of candles, flowers and communities standing stronger together.

This is terrorism. This is what they are achieving. They are bringing people from all walks of life together through pain and they are strengthening them. No life should ever be lost in such an inhumane way. The people who are the innocent victims are the heroes, not the terrorist. They (the terrorists), are nameless, faceless cowards and to me that’s what they will always be.

This is why I believe that terrorists will not win. Sadly I know there will be more attacks. Sadly I know Australia and myself are not immune. But I know that race, religion, age, sex and morals all go out the window when a group of total strangers are put in a life-threatening situation. What we witness now is every barrier coming down and the human race banding together to help those in distress.

I will not bring my kids up in fear. I will teach them to be strong, stand firm and believe in what’s right and wrong and to value every person’s life.

Thank you terrorists for one thing, for showing to me that in the darkest of times, humanity prevails above all.