Not such an April fool!

Phew…It’s 11.46am and I’m just starting to pop my head out from under the doona to face the day! Now excuse my tardiness I’m usually an early riser but I have to admit there is one day of the year where I’d rather bury my head in the pillow than face the day. That day is today, April fools day!

Luckily as the clock rapidly approaches midday, my fear of prank anxiety is being eased and I’m starting to look at taking phone calls and emails for the day assuming that I have missed the worst of it. Of course those who prank after midday are the “April Fools” themselves.

                     Ray White fools the public with this expensive pooch palace

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a grinch with complete lack of humour it’s just that I don’t get April fools day! I’m just not a prankster! Kinda ironic seeing I work on radio so April fools day is my worst nightmare! Without fail as March starts to come to a close each year I start getting a little anxious and sleep deprived! Will this be the year the jokes all on me!

I can take the meaningless office jokes, the wrapping your desk in al foil, turning your computer screen upside down and covering your mouse with a post-it note. What I can’t handle are the BIG mentally challenging ones where I totally get sucked in and am left red faced!! Seriously I will believe pretty much anything so I’m a dead set sucker for the stories!

  New Camel Delivery service!!

Through my years I’ve seen some pretty low pranks – calling people to tell them loved ones are hurt, joke firing people these types of joke just don’t sit well for me, hence why I spend most of my morning under a blanket hiding from the world!

I have to admit though I will always look retrospectively at who did what and of sneak in a little giggle!

Sorry pranksters but I just don’t get you! Sorry world but I admit it I am the official April fools grinch! I just don’t understand why we need to have a whole morning dedicated to laughing at other peoples expense! Truth be told I trust no one, believe nothing and do as little as possible on April fools morning for fear of being caught out – Ok that may be a little extreme but I just don’t get it!

So thankfully I survived yet another April fools morning, now just to relax for the next 360 odd days until I start getting nervous again!