Confessions of a Spice Fan

Nothing says procrastination like the “Spice Girls Movie”! Here I sit trying to dedicate my peaceful hour and a half and focus my under working synapses on a lecture on media law and I find myself on a nostalgic journey back to the 90’s!

Ah the 90’s and double Ahhhh the Spice Girls! I remember the first time I saw this movie. Flash Back to 1997! Bill Clinton is still the President of the United States, Howard is rocking it in Australia and a bunch of girls around the globe are wearing platform sneakers and have bought the globe out of butterfly hair clips!

My Spice World story started on a ferry between the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Talk about random! We were just kicking off our family holiday off explore the North end of the South Island which also coincided with my early education into the fine wine of the Marlborough region of NZ.

While on the ferry from Wellington to Picton we hit some horrid seas and not one to sit around watching other be sea sick I dragged my sister kicking and screaming to the cinema on the ferry which happened to be showing Spice World. I myself wasn’t too keen at the time to check the movie out but it was better than the alternative, you see I was now a teen not a girl so it wasn’t cool for me to like them anymore!

Fast forward…..lot’s of years and I have to admit I was bouncing off the walls when I discovered this crass, over the top movie was rocking out my Foxtel this morning! What a win! I am loving the 90’s fest, the fashion and am quietly surprised at how many songs I still know ALL the words to!

So there you have it – I admit it! I am a fan of Spice World the movie! I may have hidden it back in 1997 but today in 2016 I am proudly putting my hand up and saying – I am a Spice Girls Movie Fan! Ohhh that feels good!

Now if you excuse my I’m going to go dance around my lounge room singing into my hair brush!