Hey Australia….it’s time to vote!

So I have to admit I am pumped and excited that this Saturday we get to do one of my FAAAAAAVE things….vote! I know nerd factor 101 but hear me out. There are a few good reasons to vote and I’ll have you singing and dancing your way to the polls this weekend!


 When you are thinking about planning your weekend ahead and you’re contemplating re-concreting the backyard just so you have an excuse to head to Bunning’s and indulge in a sausage sandwich…… you don’t have to! Why? Because it’s voting weekend! It’s almost become an Australian tradition that while you are lining up at the polling booth, getting your last minute paraphernalia on whose flyer is better than whose, nothing quite beats the sensation of grabbing a hot banger, in a piece of bread with BBQ or Tomato sauce to help you decide the future of this nation!



Ok so maybe there is only one thing better than sausage sizzle and that’s the local P&C getting together for a cake stall…I mean insert nostalgia right here!! Home made date loaf, lemon slice, cupcakes and wait for it….remember those toffees in the patty cake cases you used to get at the school fete? The ones with hundreds and thousands on them which you would suck on and then pop in the fridge for weeks and Mum would yell at you for not eating it…yup you can suck your way to the voting booth!


While you roll your eyes and think bloody hell I have to vote this weekend, and even perhaps doing the dodgey and going stuff it I’ll get away with it…DON’T. Stop and think for a second…..how lucky are we! How lucky are we that we get to have our say! That we have the honor of having our say in who runs our country! Like me you may be at your wits end with the endless back and forth between 2 parties, you may be sick of the “latest polls” saying you prefer one party more than the other, and about to throw your empty stubbie at the next political commercial you see on TV! But hold your frustration and think that at least you get to have your say on the outcome! We’re lucky it’s not dictated to us. And just think, while you may look at our potential leaders and think “Seriously?” at least you’re not choosing between a washed up reality TV judge whose hair is…questionable, and a female power house who clearly does accept that her husband did “have sexual relations with that woman”…so hey it could be worse!

So as polling day rolls around for another year and we finally see the end to the constant commercial fight for our vote, take 2 seconds. Be it the night before or as you’re getting copious amounts of information thrust in your hands at the primary school gate. Go grab a sausage sit back and think…..who am I actually going to vote for? Because….your vote DOES count!

And if you think it doesn’t…..well, a few years ago I was out of the country during an election (I won’t state at what governmental level), and it was close, but went the other way to my thoughts and I couldn’t vote…..to this day, I wish I’d had my say! So pucker up Australia, it’s time to walk through the primary school gates with our heads held high, grab a snag, collect your serving of date scones and vote. Who ever you vote for at least you’ll walk away saying…I had my say AND I can fill out a really f**king big piece of paper! #ausvotes