10 things we love about American food!

As American’s launch head first into their 4th of July celebrations with fireworks, parties and endless indulgent food, I thought I’d take a look at a few treats that I am truly grateful to America for!

I love travelling to the States, not only is it a vast country with amazing culture and scenery but it has some rocking food that makes your holiday treats all out amazeballs!! So thanks America , here are my top 10 fave delights from the US of A:

10. Pancake Stack with maple syrup

The pancake may not be an all American treat but I tell ya what there is nothing like a giant fluffy stack of pancakes drizzled with maple syrup to get you salivating for brekky! No one quite does the fluffy treat as big, bulky and sugary as the Americans! Yum

9. Hickory Ribs

I’m sorry but nothing says finger liking amazing like a full rack of ribs, marinated in all that smokey goodness, slow roasted and then served on a bed of chips with a side of slaw….GET IN MA BELLY

8. Donut Holes 

The first time I got to try these little beauties was at Tim Hortons….I’ve always been a fan of flavoured donuts but this takes it to a whole new level! Your donut goodness…in bite size bits….in lots of flavours…..EPIC!

7. American Style Pizza

Now hold up before you yell at me that no one does pizza like the Italians…..true! BUT, American pizza is actually another food group (well it should be!). Whether you like is deep dish, American pie or just epically huge, there is something about a slice of pepperoni pizza that takes 2 paper plates to carry that just deserves respect!pizza

6. Bagels and cream cheese

I remember the first time I was on a cruise ship with my Dad (that I can remember) and I was introduced to bagels as a breakfast food……needless to say I never looked back! The chewy texture matched with the smooth cream cheese on top can only be matched by the ridiculous flavours of both bagel and cream cheese you can get! Did you know you can get cinnamon cream cheese or olive bagels or vegie cream cheese or garlic bagels….CRAY CRAY !

5. Crispy Chicken….southern style

I don’t know what it is about the deep south and their friend chicken but I tell you it is good! The crunch on the outside and the soft juicy chicken inside it just melts in your mouth and goes straight to your waistline!!


4. HotDogs

If you have ever been to New York you will notice that the place is littered with hotdog stalls. It’s like a tradition. You walk out of a building, grab a hotdog and paces the pavement. They are simple, it’s a bun, a dog, and sauce or mustard but somehow, particularly in winter they are delish! Did you know……NY hotdog stands are evenly placed apart so you can grab a dog, walk and eat, lick your lips, find a bin for your serviette and voila there is another stall for your next dog! (true fact – I followed a dude once who had 4 in a row and they were perfectly spaced apart!) hotdog

3. Buffalo Wings

Getting to the pointy end and I have to say one of my all time fave things to eat in the states is Buffalo wings. Also known as marinated, fried and baked chicken wings that somehow are just amazing! Crispy on the outside, tangy, sticky and spicey not to mention the delicious soft chicken they are the perfect bar snack, platter to share, football food or in my case just give me a bowl and stay away! The amazing chicken wings will have you licking your fingers for hours!! (I’m seriously salivating thinking about it!) And of course where there is the wing there’s also…..

2. Ranch Dressing

It deserves to be noted on it’s own as there is something wonderful about this tangy, cool and creamy dressing that will have you eating more of it than anything else! The American’s love a sauce and boy did they hit a winner with the ranch. Whether you have it to cool the fire of your chicken wings, drizzled on your salad or quite simply by the spoon full (don’t laugh I have done it!) Ranch dressing is simply delicious….there’s nothing else to it!

1 Cobb Salad

Yes here we are at my number 1 favourite American food….Cobb Salad! I know you are probably quite surprised as it’s the healthiest thing on the list but there are a few reasons why this is my number 1! Firstly it’s simply delicious, its a bowl of lettuce with equal parts chicken, cheese, avocado, egg, bacon, spanish onion and tomato…now just stop and soak that up….some of the best ingredients! Secondly you can get it with ranch dressing….hello bacon and ranch = heaven!! Finally it’s relatively healthy, which mean you can eat this and still fit in all the above when you’re on holidays in the States! yumbo!!! In all honesty this is my fail safe feed in America, it’s relatively healthy and it balances all the bad and tastes Delish!  cobb

So there you have it my top 10 fave treats in America! Just more thing….

We need a beverage break! Why? Because it’s not just the food in the US that is intense but the drink as well! Road trippin’ through Florida and I managed to pick up a litre refill of soft drink from Maccas, and yes you can literally walk in to a Maccas and refill the bastard! And don’t even start me on their endless “drip” coffee for breakfast!! All the percolated coffee you can drink….why not give me caffeine in a drip!

Happy 4th of July! xx