Why Thank You France!

This week the French are taking to the streets to party in honour of their national day – Bastille Day! So to celebrate, I thought I’d take a look at some of the things I have the French to thank:

Nutella Crepes:

It’s fair to say I’ve always been a fan of Nutella, and crepes. Thanks to the French, a part of me died a little when I discovered that the two together is like a perfect relationship….ahhh the synergy! There is nothing quite like walking through a quintessential French lane in the cold of winter and chomping down on a steaming hot crepe filled with warm, gooey Nutella!

Disney songs in French

 It took me a while to get my head around it but believe it or not every ride in Disneyland Paris is voiced in both English and French! So picture this, you’re in a canoe, falling down a waterfall into a pirate battle and you’re surrounded by drunken mechanical pirates singing “yo ho” in French, and then English. Odd! At least now I know how to sing It’s a Small World in French…and I still can’t get it out of my head!

 Shoes….shoes…oh and shoes!

It’s fair to say the French have a penchant for fashion, and in particular shoes! And oh wow! Who’d have thought…I love shoes!! I’ll never forget that moment I was innocently walking down a French lane and accidentally on purpose (ie I was following google maps) fell into the Christian Louboutin shop! I almost died, and so did my bank account!


 Vietnamese Food

Sounds a strange one, I know, but dead set the BEST Vietnamese food I have even had was in a tiny port side village call Cogolin on the Cote D’Azur. Situated between St Tropez and St Maxine, this tiny fishing village looks unappealing from the road. However a short stroll to the Marina uncovers a range of boutique shops and restaurants including the most amazing Vietnamese food! Make sure you look at the floor….it’s a giant glass fish tank! Amaze-balls!


Yes thank you France, for teaching me at a young age that snails were actually a food group. After a trip to France with my family, where my parents indulged in escargot (snails sautéed in garlic), I thought I’d create my own version, in my Australian backyard! Turns out we may be talking about different snails, and I had no heat, butter or garlic….and come to think about it I think it was more grubs than snails! Yuck!!


It’s been long known that real men eat quiche! I’m not really sure where this phrase came from, but I tell you what blokes, if you need a pathway to my heart you can’t go wrong with a quiche! There is something mind blowing about egg, bacon, cheese and pastry baked together that just takes me to another world. You can keep your fancy versions with your sundried tomato and spinach…I’ll just take the original! Yum!


Dislike for lycra

As the host of the international cycling event the Tour De France, I feel that France has no choice but to take some responsibility for my dislike of men in lycra on bikes! Some where along the line, an enthusiasm for the Tour de France has turned into a Tour de Sunday resulting in a bunch of middle aged, slightly over weight men, thinking it’s socially acceptable to sit in a cafe, enjoying a cuppa while wearing slightly ill fitting lycra! Sorry but not helping me digest my Sunday brunch!

Tunnel Fear

Yes thank you France for helping me realise I have an intense fear of small spaces…like catacombs! On a trip through Paris with the Family, we decided to take on the catacombs, or the grave tunnels that lie buried under the city. Miles of long, dark tunnels with loads of skulls and bones on either side, ruins of a previous Paris. Well I tell you what, that’s one dark scary place to discover you don’t like dark scary places. Let’s just say, I’ve never run so fast in my life!



Thank you France for creating my favourite treat! Fine, French champagne! When it comes to feeling a little classy and celebrating a moment, there is nothing quite like it! So cheers France – Happy Bastille Day!