The time to travel….is NOW!

Right now, some of you might be feeling a bit like me. You see next week, I’m off on holidays! Normally this would have me feeling slightly anxious (I’m not the worlds best flyer) but mainly excited and pumped to think about the big adventure ahead. New places, new smells, new tastes and a wealth of learning.

But you see things have changed a little. Like everyone, today I’m feeling more anxious and nervous about my trip than excited. It’s hard these days to put all the recent events around the world behind you and look towards a trip without any fear. BUT….we must!

In a weird way, despite my fears and anxieties, I feel that now more than ever it is so important to travel and here’s why:

Life is short

If one thing is learnt from the seemingly endless terror attacks it’s a reminder of how short and precious life is. And while none of us want to be involved in a terror attack, It’s a reminder to live every day to the max! So if you have a love of other countries, cultures or long walks on the beach, go for it!

EU 2008 397.jpg
St Tropez – the South of France 


Show Solidarity

We cannot let these extremist win. They are a minority of people and while they cause a disturbing amount of damage, we must not let these cowardly peoples actions control our lives. No one has the right to take another life, and no one has the right to take the fun out of someone else life. The best way to combat fear is to face it head on!

The world needs us

So much of the global economy is built on travel. Be it business or pleasure, now more than ever all aspects of the travel industry need our support. Be it airlines, cruises, hotels, restaurants, bars, tour guides…the list goes on but in every city there is an element of tourism and it’s vital to the global economy. Right now the locals in Nice are hurting. I love Nice it’s one of my favourite areas to visit. I think of the cafes I regularly visit, the hotel I stay in just meters from the site of the devastating attack and the lovely locals I watch going for their early morning swims, and I think these people need me right now. Ok maybe I can’t get to Nice tomorrow but when I can I’ll get back and I encourage others to go to help rebuild the livelihoods of the French. This is what we need to do! Get back on the horse.

 What a wonderful world

Despite the fear, the uncertainty and the terror in the world, there is so much goodness that travel has to offer. You meet amazing new people. Discover new cultures and fall in love with new places that make your dreams come true. Be it a local trip to a town near by or a big trip overseas, the world has so much beauty and culture to witness you’d hate to miss out…trust me!

So if you are like me and feeling nervous inside at the thought of travelling next, just remember anything can happen in life. Don’t give up fighting for your dreams because someone else is out to ruin them, don’t live a life half lived in fear. Get out there and tackle it! And above all travel, see what the world has to offer and meet some fresh faces, you know you want to!

How do you feel about travel at the moment?

soaking up some rays!