Hawaii 1.0 – Arriving in Paradise

Ah…nothing says holiday time like stepping out of the airconditioned airport into a wall of hot, muggy air….Aloha Hawaii!

It’s been well over a decade since I last visited the US island of Hawaii and my first time travelling with twin babies, so even so far the adventures have been coming thick and fast.

Arriving in Honolulu bright and early at 6am on a Thursday morning, my first impressions are nothing but positive. The staff at Hawaii’s airport are sprightly and helpful as we make our way through the endless process of fingerprints and photos which is now US security!

Finally, breathing in our first taste of hot Hawaii air and awaiting our airport transfer and a wave of excitement overcomes me….holidays finally…in a tropical paradise.

beach 2

This time I’ve opted to stay in a resort, right on Waikiki. Submersing myself in the total tourist part of the area, I am not holding back. My hotel of choice for this adventure is the Marriott on Waikiki. My first impressions have me very relieved that I’ve chosen this hotel. It seems family friendly, warm and welcoming and the lady at the counter is a twin so is overly excited to welcome us to our extra long stay of 11 nights!

Yes, 11 nights in 1 resort! I don’t think I’ve ever done that long in one place the world over, but new times and baby boys call for some slight life changes!

Arriving at 6am and launching into a hotel lobby just after 7 when check in isn’t until 3pm always makes me nervous! Am I going to be left sitting in a lobby chair for the next 8 hours waiting for my room to be cleaned, slowly falling asleep in a chair and potentially drooling or snoring loudly while fellow holiday makers pass me by? Luckily, the Marriott were very accommodating and actually gave us access to a large “public” room they have were waiting guests can take a shower, freshen up, (or in my case feed screaming babies) and then allow you to leave your endless stack of bags with the concierge, allowing you to choof off and spend some time getting to know Waikiki – brilliant!

Our lovely check in lady Wendy even took our phone number and ensured to call us as soon as the first available room popped up. And that she did, just shy of 1pm local time when we found ourselves struggling with post plane exhaustion, the much needed phone call came! Off we went to explore our new abode for the next week and a bit and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

A bright, spacious room with a gorgeous view looking over Waikiki and we were ready to pull stumps for a few hours and test out the very large and comfy bed!

Hawaii, so far looked amazing but that has to wait until a quick nap re-energises us all! Then it’ll be onwards and upwards for the team exploring this tropical American paradise!