A Nugget of Goodness – National Nugget Day!

Ok, let’s all just take a moment and soak up the fact that today is…National Nugget Day!

I don’t know what is more amazing? The oh so delicious crispy nugget…or the fact that there is now a national day celebrating the fried chicken treat! Either way, I’m excited to celebrate nugget day!

 When it comes to snack size treats that you simply shouldn’t eat but can’t resist, the nugget is pretty much as good as it gets! How often do you come across such a versatile piece of food? Is it a snack? YES! Is it a meal? YES! Is it the ultimate late night food? YES! Is it a breakfast treat? YES (oh come on admit it you’ve done it at least once!) It’s a simple fact that there is no hunger craving that a nugget can not fill….including sweet…(and sour sauce!)

It’s pretty fair to say that in the competitive world of fast food and greasy treats, the nugget for many generations has managed to hold it’s own! Fads have come and gone but few chicken delicacies have lasted up against the fast foods powerhouses of burgers and pizza quite like the nugget!

According to Wikipedia (and they are never wrong), the chicken nugget was invented in the 1950’s by a dude named Robert Baker (there should be a city named after him), who had a great idea of shaping chicken, battering and frying it…..genius! And boy was he onto a winner. The nugget has gone on to be one of the most popular fast food treats and has been remade in all different types from cheesy to chilli but you can’t quite beat the original!

The nugget is not without controversy though, and if you think I am talking about if the contents is really chicken….think again! (I mean lets be honest we are not eating the nugget for it’s nutritional value!) No, no the real controversy surrounding the nugget….is the sauce! Do you sauce or do you not? And if you sauce, what kind of a sauce are you?


It has long been expected that the sauce of choice for the chicken nugget is in fact sweet and sour, which perplexes me seeing it seems like an unusual cultural fusion. However for decades fast food outlets have been assuming that if we don’t request something else, sweet and sour is the default sauce. My friends I hate to tell you but there are so many better options that that! Be it BBQ, mayo or honey mustard. Or perhaps you, like me feel more gourmet in your sauce option and like to indulge in some sweet chilli, aioli, chipotle mayo or ranch sauce…..mmm the ultimate treat! Which ever way you chose to sauce it’s fair to say that this is your chance to stamp your identity on your nugs and own those little babies!

So today on national nugget day, please take a moment to reflect on the delightful, delicious and truly legendary fried chicken related treat that is…the Nugget.

Now if you excuse me I’m off to smash a cheeky 6 pack!!