Project Nix Renovation 115: Ep 1. Choosing your colour!

If there is one thing I love it’s a good building project. Having been involved in my parents houses and builds since I was little, I guess it was only natural that I would probably get a taste of the property bug! So I am super excited that I get to design and execute a new project over the next few weeks and months! And I want to share it with you all!

It’s always exciting when you look at a blank canvas and this one certainly is that. A 70’s weatherboard property, that pretty much needs gutting! However, as with all good projects, gutting is not an option, due to a relatively tight budget and time frame my goal is to get as much value as possible in as low budget and time as possible! #loveagoodchallenge

So here’s the low down. Currently it sits with an outdated pale yellow theme. Old carpet, some original floor boards, and an interesting room layout that is certain to provide a challenge! The look I want to get is a modern industrial look. It has to result in something that appeals to a modern, country family. I’m aiming for a country meets the industry feel but with a small budget it will come down to key features and a range of exciting new product that I am going to be trailing!

As with all big projects, day one I have started with the base layer – what will the main wall colour be! This is where you think of your neutrals as you can build around that. The base colour of your house is going to be carried throughout the entire property so it needs to be something that is neutral but adds warmth of coolness depending on your look.

I’m testing a colour I found called “Arctic Monkey” through Valspar. I always ask what the colour components are of a colour so I can get an idea of the hues it will reflect. This is a white looking colour but has magenta, black and brown which in my sample room has reflected a slight grey/blue hue in the evening light. What do you think?


I always like to re-visit a trial area in the morning so now I painted a small study I’ll check it in the morning with fresh eyes and see what I think! Would love to know  your thoughts and I’ll keep you updated soon.

TIP: Check out the full range of colours from Valspar at your local HoME Timber and Hardware

xx Nix