Money Matters: Welfare, where it’s going wrong.


So apparently I may benefit more by not going back to work than returning to the work force to financially support my family, according to news released yesterday.

According to reports, some stay at home mums benefit over $45K (after tax) a year by not going to work and knowing how to work the benefits system….bad?? some what?

Now firstly, I am not against stay at home Mums. While full time at home is not for me, I wish more than anything that I could return to work on a part-time basis or work from home but finances simply don’t allow it for me and apparently I don’t know how to work the system.

So how does the system really work?  Most families I talk to have similar financial uncertainties to myself, so who is benefitting? It seems to be a select few and the more you are an average income earning mother trying to get ahead, the less you appear to benefit.

I say this as I have never been a dipper….for anything. I paid for my university, I’ve never claimed rent assistance or any other type of benefits. Here was I thinking I was being a good citizen earning my brownie points and being honest…..boy was I wrong.

Earlier this year, I went to get a loan. A measly one to be honest, an amount I know I can pay off in my sleep! But a combination of being on leave to raise my new borns and, despite a substantial deposit and confirmation from my employer that I will return to work, banks refused believe me rejecting my measly request and leaving me feeling like a below average individual.

Talking to a broker he asked me if I was claiming family tax benefit…The whatty what what? I wasn’t! I’d never even heard of it. There isn’t a book named “What you’re entitled to when you’re expecting” so I had no idea this was even a thing. I was advised I’d be in a better position to get a loan if I was claiming money! What the? When did we get the the position where we are better of claiming from the government than earning ourselves? How is this encouraging the next generation to go to work if they see it’s easier to get claim benefits?

Even now, claiming the minimum of what I am entitled to somehow seems wrong to me. It’s just not how I was raised!

To me, the system seems to be skewed. There are benefits for some and not for others. For example according to our current government, multiples start at 3 children. That’s right….3!!!! Meaning if, like me, you have twins, your second child is not considered a financial burden and you get no additional maternity benefit. If I had 3 babies at once I get extra money. If I have one after the other I can claim maternity for each child however, having twins entitles you to nothing more. I got my 18 weeks maternity for my first born and my second born (80 seconds later) is considered no extra financial burden to myself!! I wish!!!

I feel some how there should be a system that says “hey your history shows you’ve been a good, middle class, hard working individual who has always paid their tax so here you go in your hours of need we will give you the helping”. Well, one can dream I guess!

But seriously, the Government really needs to sort this benefits shit out! Our welfare scheme is completely stuffed. It is encouraging some to not pull their weight in society and seems to not be helping the people who need it (for the record that’s not me there are people who need it more than me!). Mean while our childcare is costing a fortune and impending changes to it are set to make it once again harder for working mothers who are either forced to or chose to work.