Why John Laws has made me re-think my skirt!

So it appears that John Laws has been slammed as sexist and a misogynist today after admitting last night that he makes women in his work place wear skirts. The comment came during an interview that saw the legendary radio host say he “loves women. It’s been one of my great downfalls in life. I love to talk to them. I’d much rather talk to them than a bunch of blokes and I love them to look feminine and to me, a skirt on a beautiful body is a very, very feminine thing.”

I have to admit, John’s comments have left me feeling a bit down and out on myself but certainly not for the reasons of many strong willed feminists out there…no I think John’s got a point and I really need to look at how I’m dressing each day!

I’m kinda like the poor relative to John really. The country breakfast radio announcer, flogging my butt off to earn an average (or below) wage. Unlike John I don’t have a team of dedicated experts running around to help me, fielding calls and bringing content to the table. No instead I bundle out of bed, notoriously late after hitting snooze on my 4.15am alarm, and in my haste to dive in the car at the latest time possible, I find myself looking like I literally fell out of bed…probably because I did.

Most days I find myself floating around the office looking like a cross between a homeless person and someone who thought it was dress in you pjs day at work! It’s not uncommon for me to find myself still wearing uggies and yoga pants at 1pm in the arvo with my hair still in the messy bun from this morning, with no make up on and an oversized jumper that probably belongs to my partner not me.

Some may say I’m lucky. I can wear what I want to work and I don’t have a “John Laws” standing over me dictating I wear a skirt. The truth is though I wish I did work for John! I really like that he loves a lady in a skirt…why? Because I love to be a lady and love to wear a skirt! It makes me feel elegant, lady-like and empowered! In my corporate days I would always enter a room in a skirt and killer heels, it made me feel in control!

Now, I constantly feel down on myself for the lack of effort I’m putting in, and I certainly don’t feel womanly. I am strong willed, opinionated but I am also a woman and with that comes the delightful pleasure of dressing like one. I have an endless array of gorgeous skirts, jackets and a supply of heels a mile long however I find myself day after day resembling a bogan me not the real me. I wonder if working for someone like John would put the zaz back into me?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to dress like a woman, so there is nothing wrong with a man wanting a lady to dress like a woman. I honestly feel sorry for the average bloke, his wardrobe has got nothing on mine!! I don’t see John as being sexist, no I think as women we are losing ourselves too much and there is a balance. Perhaps I am being a bit naive on this but I’m going to give Lawsy the benefit of the doubt and take it as an admiration for the beauty of the female sex not just creepy! (perhaps we all need to think a bit less creepy and evil!)

For the best part of 6 years I worked in an all male environment as a media manager for a sports team. I was predominantly tied to a uniform that consisted of an ill-fitting jacket, an over-sized t shirt and a knee length pair of shorts that I had to tie up with string. It was a mans uniform, but I was the only female so I had no choice….I had to wear it. I remember arriving at the King’s ball in Spain and the endless comments from my team members of “you scrub up alright!” which made me feel like most of the time I looked like a piece of rubbish. I bet I felt more down and out about myself then, being forced to dress like a bloke than any of John’s staff do.

Many work places require a uniform. Many of those uniforms are male and female orientated. Harrods insist women wear dresses and make up, many female flight attendants wear skirts but it’s a uniform so they just do it. I am sure if John Laws’ staff had a serious issue with being asked to wear a skirt then they could address it themselves, or perhaps make the choice not to work there (as someone in the industry I’ll take the skirt and the job thanks!)

So let’s back off the idea that a man appreciating a woman in a skirt is evil! I’ve learnt something from this and that is that John Laws has reminded me that I don’t feel like a woman in what I’m choosing to wear…and I don’t like that! Heck, tomorrow I might even pull out a skirt….probably not because I’ll be running late! BUT thanks Lawsy for loving a bit of pretty leg and can we please get over it….it’s just a skirt, it’s not like anyone’s wearing a corset!!! vintage-1499533_960_720