Go to hell Facebook trolls!

So here’s the thing…tonight I got trolled on Facebook! Mega trolled!

Now you’re probably sitting there thinking, “but hang on Nix you work in the public eye, you’re in media, surely you have been trolled before?!”. And you would be quite right! In my field of work it’s not unusual to get trolled. I’m quite used to getting the odd “shut up you’re annoying me” post, or “you look shit in that video” or a “the other dude was better” comment but that’s just part and parcel of the job and I don’t take it to heart.

Tonight was different though. Tonight I was trolled at a personal level and it hurt me…a lot! Tonight I was trolled on a post that my ex-husband posted. A post that in reality was a lovely reflection of the time we had shared together and some stupid ,lead finger dickhead had to go and troll me on it and turn it into a painful, emotionally gutting moment.

Like getting your divorce papers signed off isn’t painful enough, some dick has to go and put his mouth in it when he is completely ill informed and purely speculating from the side lines…like he’s watching a game of soccer but forgot his bloody glasses!

The thing is, you can troll me about pretty much anything except my family and loved ones! And believe it or not my ex-husband fits in that category and will for the rest of my life. I know for many people it came as a shock but here’s the thing we have worked hard over the last few years to protect each other and preserve our friendship in order to be able to reflect back on our time together as nothing but happiness.

Yet in one swooping statement, some idiot who certainly doesn’t know me and I question the friendship he has with my ex given I know he is above individuals like this, appears to believe he has the full right not just to comment on a post but to go to the effort of finding a photo off my personal page, uploading it into the comments and using it against me as some sort of evidence towards me being some kind of selfish, disgusting low life of a human being!

Truth is I couldn’t give a crap what this person thinks of me or my life. I can hold my head high and that’s all that matters. But the problem is Facebook. While I love it and I love the fact that people can express anything they want to, we some how need to remember that to every post that is personal, there is at least one if not many other people linked to it.

People who you may be judging quickly and unemotionally. But to them you may have just destroyed their whole world for a moment! People who may be struggling to keep their heads above water. Struggling getting through the days. People just like me who have had so much thrown at them in the last few years that they are proud of themselves for still facing each day with a smile.

So stop…think before you comment. Even as a joke. Even as a blow off moment. Stop and think about someone else who you may be affecting. Think before you like, as a like can be a painful thing too. Think how you would feel if someone you’ve never met attacked you. If you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t type it…simple!

I know that the people who troll wont read this but maybe there’s even a chance of saying to someone else struggling with life like me…don’t let the trolls get you! Know yourself and you will always know the truth.

Love you all – Nix