Mobile phones at schools are not a necessity.

Should kids have mobile phones in classes? This old chestnut has reared its ugly head once again.

A Victorian school made an announcement this week to say that they have made the decision to ban phones from schools. To be honest my initial response was – huh you can have phones at schools??? My second response was, ‘man I must be getting old’!

You see back in my day (yes I’m old now), we only just had mobiles and the idea of being able to take a photo of your school books, upload it to multiple social accounts and share it with the world was some laughable idea put forward by the show beyond 2000.

Yet, here we are in a fully digital state. And here I sit like many mothers of young ones thinking bloody hell where do we even being to navigate this digital world with kids.

Now before I sound all, ‘we didn’t have it so therefor we don’t need it’-ish, I agree children need mobiles and it’s technology they will never be without. I got my first mobile when I was 13 and it was a Motorola (text message characters maxed at 163 – it was g8). The rules were simple. It was to contact Mum and Dad and that was it.

Now I’m not naive enough to believe that kids these days will only have a phone to contact parents. For starters they want to stay in touch with their friends and seeing none of us have phones stuck to the wall where you sat under the kitchen table chatting for hours, they need mobiles and they want to be on socials, that’s just the way it is.

But is it necessary to have them in a classroom?

I simply can’t understand the need to have them in class. Why (as this Victorian school is leading with) are phones not simply put on silent when they have to go into class, put in bags or even a safe locker if theft is an issue and they stay there until home time? I actually assumed that’s what happened but it appears not.

Is it too hard for schools to police? Or is it another example of us not wanting to enforce things on our children at school for fear of legal backlash?

Either way it seems fairly simple to me – kids don’t need phones in classrooms. There is no place for them there. They are a distraction and there are adequate sources of technology available in schools for teaching such as laptops and tablets that phones are simply not required.

Also it will teach our children to have time away from them and know that they world will continue. Besides, they have plenty of phone time before, after and on weekends.

Now am I just a jaded mum now or have I got a point? Let me know

xx Nix