I’m back b*tches….with a Spring in my step!

Today is my happiest day of the year! (and no it’s not my birthday) It’s fair to say that for the first time in a while, I woke up with a spring in my step! And it couldn’t be a day too early.


You see if you are like me then you have most likely spent the last 3 months of your life living like a hermit crab. You have probably spent most of your time trapped inside, looking out the window, yearning for the slight warmth to enter back into the world. You see I am a winter haterer.

Yes it’s a thing! And by winter haterer I don’t just mean I get a bit grumpy and put out by some bad weather. I mean I am an all out blown hater of all things cold! It’s the layers of clothing, the ice cold wind on your cheeks, the streaming nose that moistens my scarf and the gloves that I inevitably lose.

It’s that horrid feeling when you are sitting in your car in the morning and the heating doesn’t kick in until you pull into the office carpark because quite frankly even your car thinks it’s ridiculous! It’s icey cold floorboards, ice on your windscreen, “huph” weather where you appear to be smoking without a cigarette cos it’s so damned cold!

Now I know there’s a lot of winter lovers out there who endlessly preach to me on the joys of winter fashion, warm logged fires and bottomless glasses of red wine but seriously have you put that up against short shorts, sitting on the beach and ice cold Margaritas? Check mate! (Unless it’s snow skiing count me in!)

So it’s with excitement that today I flick off the doona, kick off the uggies, dump the winter PJ’s and whole heartedly propel myself towards spring!

Bring on the sun, the heat and the feel of thick sunscreen lathering my skin. There’s just something about a time of year when it’s too hot to walk outside in bare feet that screams awesome!!

Bring on time by the beach, long sunny nights, eating zuper doopers on a Sunday afternoon under a Jackaranda tree, a luke warm paddle pool in your backyard, and the hot westerly winds which even your aircon can’t deal with and of course bring on Christmas, New Year and my birthday!

Ahhh spring / summer, welcome back….. where have you been you sexy beasts!

…..I’m back! Boom!!