Hanging up my Bachie Rose – Why I’m done with The Bachelor!

As the Bachelor Australia finale kicks off tonight, I have a confession to make….I am officially done with the Bachelor!!!!!

Ok before you grab your laptop and throw my blog page out the window, listen up Bachie fans there’s a reason why I’ve had to quit my obsession with the highly addictive dating show.

Now before I progress, let me explain that I have been a Bachie fan since Adam was a boy. Well to be fair I would have been if the Bachie had been around in those days but I am a long lasting, dedicated Bachie fan who has done more than her fair share of Bachie miles.

I have invested heavily in the US Bachelor and Bachelorette, have been known to stay up late streaming the latest eps and watching repeats of “After the final rose” and most recently invested in both the Bachie UK (which turns out is filmed in Europe – Glam!) and Bachie NZ (which is probably outright the MOST entertaining show in the world!!!) but when it comes to our own Bachelor brand…..Im out!

For some reason, when the Bachelor kicked off this year I got a touch of the hard cold reality check! What on earth has this show become?? There’s something highly entertaining about watching a bunch of over the top American chicks fighting to get the heart of one bloke but for some reason I just can’t do it in Australia!

I’ve suddenly found myself Bachelor prude! Instead of joking about how awesome it all is, I find myself caught in a moral dilemma. You see I just can’t stand to see women like myself cat climbing over each other to get a chance at a piece of male flesh! I feel like saying damn gal you don’t need him, you’re better off on your own!!

And for the first time I suddenly find myself angry at the dates. My love of watching over produced, impossibly real dates has become an anger towards sexist and demeaning dates that are taking perfectly good women and judging them on cooking and parenting skills…..um haven’t we out grown this????

And then there’s the moral dilemma of the century….why have I found it so acceptable that one guy is snogging multiple chicks at once and we all say yaaaaay lets tune in tomorrow while in real life I’d call him a cheating dick and bail!!! #confusedsociety

Plus there’s that issue with Osher…..and his hair! On second thoughts I won’t go there!!

SO it’s with a heavy heart and a slightly more focussed brain that I’m concluding watching my fellow Aussie sheilas degrade themselves for a bite at fame and a shot at love! Tonight,I find myself finally tuning out of The Bachelor! It was fun while it lasted but I’m hanging up my rose and moving forward……Bach out!