Australia – our garlic bread crisis is real!

So listen up Australia, we have a crisis on our hands! I am not talking about the type of crisis that will see politicians flood to parliament to hold 24 hour meetings, no my friends, this is much worse!

We…are in the middle of a garlic bread crisis! Yup you heard it right! Wholey moley folks Australia has run out of garlic bread!

As you start to pick yourself up off the floor from shock, you may be asking yourself how on earth has this happened? Well the answer is quite frankly someone has f*cked up…epically!

You see the company that supplies garlic bread butter have had a woops and now there are teeeeny weeny little pieces of plastic in the garlic butter in a huge range of popular breads including the ones supplied to your fave cheap arse pizza places like Dominos!


Crap! I hear you say. Yes yes my friends it is terribly crap and here’s why!

You see garlic bread is the food Australian’s love to have when they are not having it! You see it’s a side, so it doesn’t count…just like rocket salad! PLUS, it is the ultimate food accessory. You can match it with anything!

Long gone are the days when you would limit yourself to a side of garlic bread with your carb loaded meal of pizza and pasta…no no garlic bread is now the perfect accompaniment to pretty much anything…thai – pad thai with garlic bread, indian – nothing beats a side of GB with butter chook you could probs go as far as garlic bread with weetbix and icecream (too far?).

Garlic bread is also something that has become a gourmet delicacy to itself. No longer are you limited to just bread, butter and garlic. No no friends make way for cheesy GB, sweet chilli GB and Pesto GB – Gold!

It’s hard to know how long we will be without our beloved garlic bread but one thing I know is I cry a little every time I walk down the supermarket aisle and see the much loved garlic bread section almost empty. The supermarket just aint the same without my carby fatty friend.

One thing I know for sure is there is nothing quite out there to substitute the GB. Grilled ciabatta, toasted pide and a sweet chilli pull apart just aren’t the same and let’s be honest you just can’t do herb bread, it’s simply crap!

So my friends, together as a nation we have to pull together, support each other and trust that the people who f*cked up are working tirelessly to fix this mess and replenish our nations shelves with garlic bread!

OMG I just realised… what the hell do I do on Australia Day! Sh*t!

It has crossed my mind to make my own…but let’s be honest, the bought one is always better! But incase you’re keen, there’s a recipe below!

Hang in there folks, we can get through this together. On the plus side we will all have fresher breath!

x – Nix



Butter – lots of it (bout 150gm), and use the real stuff if you’re going to bother

Garlic crushed – about 4 cloves crushed

Parsley – chop chopped


Head the oven to 200 degrees. Mix butter, garlic and parsley. Slice the bread 3/4 of the way through and spread the butter. Wrap and cook for 15-20 mins.

Enjoy 🙂